E-mail: | Mobile: 2347031367590 | Location: Lagos, Nigeria🇳🇬


I am really a tech generalist as my career has covered majorly Software Engineering: Backend Engineering, Cloud Engineering, DevOps Engineering, Site Reliability Engineer, QA Engineer; Digital Marketing, Scrum Master, Design Thinking Facilitator. I also serve as a developer advocate🥑 at IBM, empowering developers globally with Best Practices and latest technology to build smart products. You can check my recent talks

🚀Technical Skills

  • Continuous Integration: Jira, Zenhub, Travis, IBM Devops Toolchain, Gitlab Pipelines
  • Test Frameworks: Jest, Chai, Mocha, Selenium
  • Source Control: Bitbucket, Git, Github, Gitlab
  • Languages & Frameworks: Javascript(NodeJs, ES6, ExpressJs, Mongoose, NextJS, Socket), PHP Python(Flask), C#
  • Cloud: IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Firebase, AWS (EC2, S3, RDS), Digitalocean
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cloudant, Microsoft SQL
  • Container: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Application Servers: Nginx, Apache, Tomcat

👨🏾‍💻Work Experience


Developer & Marketing Specialist, 2019-Till Date

  • Leading development of demos & Pocs for the Client Center in West Africa where I have worked on several demos including Chatbots for several industries using IBM Watson Assistant, Node Js and Python(Flask) in a continuous delivery fashion to support the pre-sales activities
  • Championing the automated testing unit of the MEA Client Center development team using Selenium Grid, Selenium Webdriver (NodeJs binding), Mocha and MochaAwesome
  • Enabled over 1000 developers at the different sessions on IBM Cloud and Watson API to help them build smart application.
  • Leading the agile initiatives of a distributed Middle East & Africa Client Center Marketing team to ensure timely continuous delivery on all marketing activities.
  • Recognised for my contributions as a Design Thinking Co-Creator in helping our clients globally define a clear-cut digital transformation strategy in a co-creation manner using Design Thinking and particulary accelerating an IBM deal worth $22M deal through a design thinking session

ATOM Lagos, Nigeria

Co-Founder & VP Engineering (Part-Time) April 2017 – Till Date

  • Managing our engineering team and process (PM, Scrum and DevOps) delivering several digital products [,, etc] with agility
  • Setting up continuous delivery pipeline that improved the engineering team velocity by more than 15% using Gitlab CI/CD and Github Actions
  • Leading architectural designs for all our Cloud-Based Products using AWS, DigitalOcean, Firebase and Ably and PubNub with emphasis on scale and resiliency.
  • Planned and executed a containerization strategy for all our Wordpress-Based application using easy-engine and docker-compose

ENYE [] Lagos, Nigeria

Engineering Mentor Nov 2019 – Jan 2020

  • Mentoring two teams of software engineers in the Enye Software Engineering program on best practices and latest technology and practices ranging from CI/CD, Testing, Linting, AirBnB Js standard, Serverless Backend and Code Review.
  • Provided architectural and design guide for the development of the backend system for a Ethereum-Based blockchain platform.


Software Engineer (Contract) May 2018 – May 2019

  • Managed & refactored the Java EE backend application supporting Marktell app to become stable and reliable.
  • Designed & implemented the cloud-based architecture including data model, APIs, server infrastructure suited for a data collection and annotation application on AWS which included use of Amazon S3, RDS
  • Led the data science student community launch in University of Lagos

L5lab [] Lagos, Nigeria

Software Engineer (DevOps) May 2016 – Dec. 2017

  • Designed System Architecture, planned, implemented and managed Cloud-based Software application running on Amazon Web Service (AWS) leveraging AWS EC2, RDS, Lambda, Route53, S3, EBS and VPC services.
  • Modernized legacy Telcoms APIs, back-end services and developed new APIs that were integrated with telco systems including VPN, SDP, SMSC, EVC which saw increase in availability and reliability of the systems using PHP, Flask and Amazon RDS.
  • Beyond daily monitoring, report analysis, log analysis and issue escalation, I developed a PowerBI dashboard to provide insights on revenue and system data to executives
  • Automated the SMS delivery services using RabbitMQ, Bash Script and Linux Cron Jobs
  • Developed mobile apps and APIs that enable apps to make use of Telco Billing (Pass.Ng, Kamdora).
  • Planned and executed Cloud Migration Strategy from AWS to Digitalocean that saved the business its cloud Consumption cost by almost 50%


Enye Tech Lagos, Nigeria Full Stack Software Engineering Training April 2019 - June 2019

University of Lagos Lagos, Nigeria BSc. Computer Science 2009 - 2014

  • CGPA: 4.61/5.0 (First Class)
  • Received Shell National Merit Scholarship for Academic Excellence, 2009 – 2014


  • IBM Developer Kubernetes Badge
  • IBM Developer NodeJS Badge
  • IBM Middle East and Africa Recognition for Innovation Jam, 2020
  • IBM Middle East and Africa Recognition for Technical Speaking, 2020
  • IBM Academy of Technology Recognition for Developer Advocacy, 2020
  • Enterprise Design Thinking for AI Badge
  • IBM Blockchain Developer Badge