Hello! I am Tosin Amuda.

Today I'm a Software Engineer.

For a long time I was a tech generalist, but the constant truth about me is that I love building tech products and teams.

What I Do

Building digital products and teams enabled by Cloud and AI.

Product Engineering

I apply product thinking into building digital products that meet stakeholders and users' need.

AI Engineering

I apply AI (majorly LLM, Conversational AI) to enrich products and improve user experience

Product Analytics

I measure how successful user are in my products so I can optimize their experience and improve conversion.

Design Thinking

I've facilitated several Design Thinking Workshop to help client find new creative and inclusive solutions

Latest Projects

Karia: AI Student Career Advisor

AI, Web

LLMkit: LLM Python Library

AI, Python, Library

AI for Business Apps

AI, Web

Zipawoof (Now ZanoBid)


Latest Articles

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How to Containerize a React Application

In 2021, while deploying a React app to Kubernetes, I realized the significance of using Docker. Docker simplifies the deployment process into five key steps: creating a Dockerfile, building an image, pushing it to a repository, clients pulling the image, and running the container. This approach streamlines development and ensures consistent installations, making it particularly advantageous for React applications. The article addresses the benefits of Docker in React development and provides a practical guide to containerizing React applications.

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Understanding Serverless using Restaurant Server Analogy

In today’s tech-driven world, understanding cloud computing models can be challenging, but I’m here to simplify it for you using a familiar restaurant analogy. Imagine two different types of restaurants—one traditional and the other futuristic. Let’s dive in and explore how this analogy relates to the Serverless Cloud model.

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“12-Factor” Engineering Best Practices You Can Learn From

Have you ever wondered why Software Engineering is called engineering when you thought engineering was all about hardware? You’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Software Engineering and explore the 12 Factors that engineers at Heroku have identified for developing high-quality web applications.

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Let's Talk!

I am open to discuss your next project, improve user experience of an existing one or help with your UX/UI design challenges.

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